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Floor Trusses

Wood Web Floor Trusses

Rehkemper & Son also provides the highest quality of wood floor systems available. All wood trusses are assembled with metal plates and provide openings for electrical and plumbing systems as well as running ductwork. We offer manufactured truss "to specs" with the ability to vary heights and span needs.

Large clear spans are available to provide large open rooms without columns. This option is considered the most versatile and best engineered floor product. 3" wide service provides greater floor stability and be placed farther apart (19.2" oc vs 16" oc) if needed thus reducing overall cost of the floor system.

Wood I


The wood "I" floor joist is a high quality product offered as an option to conventional lumber. It is more cost effective and can also be altered to accommodate plumbing and wiring needs. The wood "I" is field cut to length to ensure fit and nailing surface varies.


The wood "I" is manufactured in a 11/2" to 2 3/8" wide nailing surface and spans are typically equal to dimensional lumber and are available in lengths up to 48 ft. for cutting to length in the field. Plumbing or electrical lines needed can be drilled or punched out.

Metal Web Floor Trusses

We also are able to offer "metal web" floor trusses. This truss also provides good clear span capabilities and openings for electrical and plumbing apparatus, and at a fraction of the cost. The difference of this option compared to the wood truss is the top and bottom chord of the truss are wood and the webs are metal. They are manufactured "to specs" and have a 31/2" nailing surface. 11 3/8" tall is the standard height. 8" round flex duct is possible to fit through the webs.

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