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Quality Products

The name Rehkemper has been synonymous with quality construction for four generations. Since 1975, our primary goal has been to produce quality roof and floor trusses. We have partnered with nationally recognized engineering and supply firms to support our goal of exceptional quality and unsurpassed service. We are extremely proud of our manufactured, made to order products and the people responsible for their production. We believe there is no project too big, too small or too out of the ordinary! We want to earn your business and will go above and beyond the call of duty to keep it. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! 

"Thanks to the expertise of your design team, our customer is ecstatic over his, out of the ordinary, new home. I will definitely use Rehkemper & Son again." 
Architect St. Louis, MO

Family Owned and Operated

Rehkemper is a recognized leader in the industry. Servicing agricultural, commercial, residential and specialty construction projects, we offer roof and floor trusses, floor coverings, wall panels, light gauge metal trusses, structural steel, wood-I's, laminated beams and a variety of hangers. Our expansive product line provides you with the option of seamless delivery, from floor to roof. In fact, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer these products as package deals, giving you a one stop building component source. We eliminate the hassles of dealing with multiple suppliers and contribute to your time and cost savings. 



"Your service is great. By far excelling above your competitors."
Assistant Manager, Lumber Yard Alabama


"This difficult roof fit together easily. Great job on the trusses and layout." 
Framing Contractor Springfield, Illinois


"From the first spec to the finished product, Rehkemper was there!"
Contractor Indiana


"Since Rehkemper & Son own their own flatbeds we were able to improve the bottom line for our customer." 
Contractor Chicago, IL 

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