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Infinity  Structures

Pre-Fabricated Structures

The Infinity Structural System Consists of the EPICORE MSR® Composite Floor System on pre-panelized load-Bearing metal stud walls.  Infinity Structures developed The Infinity Structural System in 1986, and has since completed hundreds of mid-rise residential buildings with the system. Over many years and many projects, Infinity has"fine-tuned" the Infinity System, making constant improvements for a more economical, faster, trouble-free and user friendly system.  The Infinity System is definitely your most economical structural option once you exceed the height and desity capabilities of wood framing, allowing you to go up to eight or ten stories over your "Podium". For more information, 

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EPICORE MSR Composite Floor System

Expanding upon the success and knowledge gained in over 30 years and several hundred million square feet of the original version EPICORE deck, EPIC Metals and Infinity Structures introduced the improved EPICORE® MSR Composite Floor System in 2001. EPICORE MSR is a dramatic improvement over other composite decks when combined with the load-bearing metal stud wall panels to create The Infinity System. EPICORE MSR is a 2” deep, high performance, long span, composite metal deck that acts as both the permanent form and positive reinforcing. EPICORE MSR has triangular dovetail shaped ribs at 8” on center that key up into the concrete for exceptional strength and span capability. The bottom flutes are completely closed, and every other rib has embossed locking lugs that enhance the interlocking bond between the concrete and the EPICORE MSR deck. These innovative design features combined with the flat bottom profile of EPICORE MSR make it ideally suited for load-bearing metal stud wall panel applications because it inherently distributes loads uniformly over the metal studs (eliminating the needs for special load-distribution devices or alignment of joists and studs). The EPICORE MSR System can clear span up to 29 feet with a 4” to 8” slab thickness utilizing 4,000 psi regular weight concrete. (3,000 psi or lightweight may be used if desired; consult Infinity for details).

Load-bearing Metal Stud Wall Panels

The load-bearing metal stud wall panels are 35/8” or 6” galvanized studs spaced at 12”, 16” or 24” on center. The gage of the studs will vary from 18, 16, 14 or 12 gage depending upon loads, etc. The wall panels are fabricated off-site in a controlled environment using welded connections under very stringent QC requirements to ensure the highest quality available.


Infinity Shear Panels

The Infinity Shear Panel (ISP) is a very innovative method of handling the lateral wind and seismic forces in a building. The ISP solves a myriad of problems associated with the old fashioned flat X-Strap approach, and is much cleaner, more economical, and more user friendly than options such as covering the walls with sheet metal. The ISP is considered a steel braced frame, so it can be combined with traditional steel K-Frames if desired.

PanelCAD® Detailing Software

An extremely important ingredient in the success or failure of a project in the timeliness and accuracy of the shop drawings. Infinity Structures has developed our own custom in-house wall panel detailing program named PanelCAD. This BIM software is highly automated, faster, more accurate, simplifies, modifying panel details after approval comments, improves ease of checking and double-checking, dramatically reduces the opportunity for human error, and automates the material ordering process. Since it is our own software, we are continuously improving PanelCAD for even better efficiency and interfacing the EPICORE MSR as well as structural steel.


Experience and Expertise

In addition to the state-of-the-art components that create the Infinity Structural System, the most important factor that ensures a successful project is the experience and expertise of Infinity’s Project Managers, Detailers, Checkers, and Erectors. Infinity’s PM’s and Detailers are the best in the light gage industry. Infinity’s’ Authorized Installers’ are highly trained and experienced erection crews that erect exclusively for Infinity Structures.

A Limitless Formula

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