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At Rehkemper & Son , we are pleased to offer this alternative choice in trusses. As an authorized Ultra Span® fabricator, our engineered steel trusses are manufactured under quality-controlled conditions and are a cost effective solution to steel framing. 


A light gauge steel truss offers the architect, engineer, contractor and owner all the flexibility and design advantages of wood trusses, plus the versatility and safety of an  alternative material. Light Gauge Steel Trusses provide a pitched roof alternative to the flat roofs normally supplied by bar joist and pan steel construction as seen on commercial buildings. Light gauge also eliminates the use of fire treated lumber which is a chemically treated version of regular lumber.


The light gauge steel truss also provides a lightweight truss system that meets and exceeds fire rating and UL® codes.


Light gauge truss use: schools, assisted living facilities, military facilities, fire department and warehouse. They are quickly becoming a more viable choice in residential building as well, due to the safety factors and piece of mind associated with the steel truss.

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