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Roof Trusses

With the use of modern computers and high-tech production equipment, wood trusses can be used in some of the most complicated and extravagant of building designs, up to but not limited to residential, commercial and institutional construction. Prior to modern technology, trusses were primarily built in a triangular shape. Now, with our state of the art engineering program, highly skilled engineers and extremely crafted truss fabricators, you dream it, we build it! From vaulted ceilings, long clear spans and attic storage to rounded ceilings, no job is too complex!

Roof trusses are also a very cost efficient alternative to job site construction. Since many residential and commercial jobs can use trusses fabricated from 2x4's, the need for larger and very costly dimensional lumber is eliminated. This in return cuts down manual labor overhead, therefore lowering overall expenditures.

At Rehkemper & Son , we boast our on-time delivery record! We will arrive on your job site with your made to order trusses, ready to be erected and typically dried-in the following day. If your roof had been conventionally framed, depending on the complexity of the design, you could still be waiting around a couple weeks later. TIME AND MONEY, let us save you both!

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